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Welcome to AAIA Education & Training

AAIA knows that with rapidly changing global and economic factors, social values and demographics, science and technology, legislative and regulatory environment, and industry competition and structure, its members have a great need for up-to-date information and education and training programs and tools. AAIA rises to this challenge and makes member success our goal by providing the industry with resources and opportunities to enhance continuous learning.


2013 Head of the Class Award Winners

AAIA has announced the recipients of its inaugural Head of the Class Award, honoring five aftermarket companies that continually invest in employee education and training.

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2014 Head of the Class Application Available!

The application deadline is Friday, April 18, 2014.

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Programs and Resources

Resources include networking and conference events, market research reports and analyses, publications, websites, scholarships and a partnership with the University of the Aftermarket, all with the goal of providing continuous professional development opportunities. Taking advantage of these resources promotes business excellence by increasing productivity, facilitating better decision-making, heightening company loyalty, and enabling employees to enrich their lives and contribute toward business success.

AAIA understands the value of education, training and professional development as a benefit of membership.

For more information on the industry's top education resources, contact Sue Kalish at 301-654-6664 or e-mail