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Aftermarket Careers


The Automotive Aftermarket houses

3.9 million employees at over 500,000 business locations

$274 billion in sales annually.

What is the Automotive Aftermarket Industry?

The automotive aftermarket is the industry that maintains, repairs and accessorizes vehicles after they are sold to their owners by a car or truck dealer.  Sometimes known as the "invisible industry," the aftermarket is everything that happens to a vehicle after it leaves the new vehicle dealership.  The industry encompasses all products and services purchased for cars and trucks after the original sale including:

  • Replacement parts,
  • Accessories,
  • Lubricants,
  • Appearance products,
  • Service repairs, and
  • The tools and equipment necessary to make repairs.

"My love for cars, business and people is why I love my aftermarket job! In this industry I am thoroughly challenged every single day, I interact with the best people in the world and I get to satisfy my passion about cars.  What's not to love!"

-Bryan Funke, Director of Sales & Client Services, R.L. Polk

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