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Ways to Join:

There are two ways to join AAIA.            


AAIA Eligibility:

Companies are eligible for AAIA membership if they are engaged in the manufacture, supply, distribution or sale of parts and supplies for the motor vehicle aftermarket, or in providing management, marketing or other business services to the aftermarket industry.

Membership Dues Structure

AAIA’s dues are determined by a sliding scale based on gross global revenues in the aftermarket* and are renewed annually based on membership begin date. In the case of manufacturers’ representatives, aftermarket commissions are used.



*Plus Segments:

Companies wishing to participate in more than the one segment that comes with AAIA membership can add additional Plus Segments for a flat annual fee of $400 each. This Plus membership allows full participation in the additional segment(s)’s conferences, conventions and meetings.

**Subsidiary Membership Eligibility:

A brand, product line, subsidiary or division of an AAIA parent company is eligible for a 20% reduction on membership dues. Payment of this fee shall confer upon the entity “Subsidiary Membership” and all the rights and privileges enjoyed by Primary Members including a separate directory listing, mailing address and company primary contact.  Note:  Subsidiary Members may also choose to join in the same manner as “Parents” and pay the usual revenue-based dues rates. For information on participating as a subsidiary member, please contact AAIA Member Services at 301-654-6664.

Membership Eligibility - Parent:   A company with more than 50 percent of the voting stock or other controlling interest of another company or corporation (the Subsidiary/Division/Product Line), therefore fully or partially controlling the subsidiary.  Parent companies may include conglomerates.

In cases where one or more additional companies (Subsidiaries, Divisions or Product Lines) belong to or are in any way a part of a single corporate entity (Parent) and the Parent wishes to join the Association, then the Parent shall pay appropriate dues based on the combined annual volume of the single entity’s companies.

Membership Eligibility – Subsidiary: A separately managed entity (company or division) which is either fully or partially controlled or owned by another company (the parent), and where revenues and losses are absorbed by the controlling (parent) company. Subsidiary may have a separate mailing address from that of the parent company or:

Product lines that are organized into identifiable Divisions which sell products that are closely related in use, production and marketing requirements. 

Please contact AAIA Member Services at 301-654-6664 for more information about this program.