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Membership Categories

General Membership and Specialty Segment Descriptions

All AAIA members share an attachment to the Car Care Industry; common ground that covers many issues, challenges and opportunities. 

When companies join AAIA, they are automatically enrolled as General Members of the association and receive access to all of the industry-wide benefits that AAIA has to offer: government representation, Be Car Care Aware coverage and materials, market research, AAIA’s technology standards, educational offerings and of course substantial member discounts on everything from AAPEX booths to ACES subscriptions.

At the same time, since AAIA’s members are diverse and represent many different product lines and areas of expertise within the motor vehicle aftermarket, some may choose to be part of a more specific community or “Segment” within AAIA.

Segments are composed of AAIA members that share similar interests, product lines and/or business functions. When a new company joins AAIA, they have the option to join a Segment that best represents their specific area of interest within the motor vehicle aftermarket.  Conversely, the member may choose to receive all common AAIA benefits as a General Member, without joining a segment.

AAIA segments generally feature their own governance, committee representation and unique issues and interests. In addition, several segments sponsor their own conferences and events.

Members may select one or more of the following segments, if desired (click on the link or logo below to learn more).  The first segment (if any) is included in the base membership dues.  Additional segments may be added as Plus+ Memberships for only $400 each. 



Automotive Electric Association (AEA)

AEA supports distributors and manufacturers in their efforts to supply and service the fleet, industrial and heavy duty distribution channels in the sales and service of starting, charging, lighting, instrumentation, and related components.

Members are: rotating electric manufacturers, distributors and others that service the fleet, industrial and heavy duty channels



Automotive International Association (AIA)

The AIA segment of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association promotes trade in automotive products between the international automotive community and the North American aftermarket.  For companies bringing automotive parts and accessories for vehicles into North America, AIA can provide business intelligence, access to opportunities, and assistance in navigating the business environment.

Members are: international manufacturers, manufacturers’ representatives, importers, retailers, warehouse distributors, trade press, consultants, and other serving the import aftermarket


Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association (AWDA)

The AWDA segment represents, serves and advocates for traditional warehouse distributors and their respective suppliers of hard parts, accessories, and other supplies for the Car Care Industry.

Members are:  traditional warehouse distributors, program groups, jobbers, parts manufacturers that sell through distribution, suppliers of business services and equipment that facilitate warehouse and distribution center operations,  state wholesaler associations, manufacturers’ representatives, trade media and others that focus on distribution of parts and services to the professional vehicle repair and maintenance sector.


Heavy Duty Distribution Association (HDDA)

HDDA represents and serves distributors and manufacturers of parts and services for commercial vehicles in North America. HDDA is a primary sponsor of Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW), held annually.

Members are: manufacturers, manufacturers’ representatives, warehouse distributors, wholesalers, business services and trade publications that focus on the heavy duty parts marketplace.


Paint and Body Equipment Specialists (PBES)

The PBES segment educates and disseminates information to its members; provides opportunities for PBES business people to network with their counterparts, suppliers, and customers; and is proactive on legislation and regulations that affect the PBE and collision repair sectors of the Car Care Industry.

Members are: jobbers, manufacturers, manufacturers’ representatives, program groups, warehouse distributors, and other businesses that provide paint and body equipment supplies and services to the collision repair market. 


Tool & Equipment

The Tool and Equipment Segment strives to represent, educate, inform and provide networking opportunities for manufacturers and distributors who specialize in providing the tools and equipment needed to perform repair and maintenance services within the Car Care Industry.

Members are: manufacturers, manufacturers’ representatives, warehouse distributors, wholesalers, business services and trade publications who focus on tools and equipment used in vehicle repair and maintenance.

Upholstery and Trim International

The Upholstery and Trim International segment strives to represent, educate, inform and provide networking opportunities for companies that manufacture or distribute interior and exterior fabrics, associated hardware and products used in the repair or restoration of cars, trucks and boats.

Members are: jobbers, manufacturers, business services and manufacturers’ representatives that serve the trim market.

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