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Market Intelligence

AAIA's market intelligence department assesses trends that are reshaping the industry, addressing the varied information needs of AAIA's members. The in-depth and timely reports help members from all segments of the aftermarket strategically position their company for the future. 

AAIA offers for purchase over 30 research products including the popular Digital Aftermarket Factbook, Equipment Purchasing Trends and Collision Repair Trends Report. AAIA Members receive a substantial discount when purchasing market research.

Click here for a list AAIA current market intelligence projects and purchasing information.

The Knowledge Center (AAIA Members Only) 

The Knowledge Center is a Web-based market intelligence library that empowers AAIA members with 24/7 accessibility to select market research materials. All publications are divided into PDFs by their table of contents.  The library is keyword searchable, printable and can be emailed. 

AAIA members must log into The Knowledge Center using their assigned username and password. To obtain your username and password, please contact AAIA Member Services at 301-654-6664.

Digital Aftermarket Factbook 2014


The award-winning Aftermarket Factbook(combined with the eFactbook) is now digital while retaining its traditional design and content.  TheFactbook provides a comprehensive overview of the entire aftermarket industry and includes many enhanced features such as downloadable charts, tables and graphs, live embedded hyper-links and bookmarks.

AAIA member primary contacts are supplied gratis the Digital Aftermarket Factbook. If you are the primary contact of a member copy and have not received your copy, please contact AAIA Member Services at 301-654-6664.

Digital Aftermarket Factbook and Lang Annual 2014


The only publication of its kind, this report includes the Aftermarket Factbook plus the Lang Aftermarket Annual 2014. This digital version includes data on 2012 light vehicle sales volume for 80 key aftermarket product categories, sales percentage growth, light vehicle product growth and much more. Upon purchasing the Aftermarket Factbook & Lang Annual, you will receive e-mail notification, sign-in information and your exclusive URL link to access the publication from AAIA within the next business day. If you have any questions, please contact AAIA member services at 301-654-6664.

Industry Indicators Report  (AAIA Members Only)

The Industry Indicators Report is a statistical compilation of key variables that are released by a variety of business and economic sources every month. AAIA’s market intelligence department records this data, compares the new data to the same month of the previous year, as well as to a given set of statistical parameters, and then identifies the impact to the business as favorable, unfavorable or indeterminate. This monthly report is designed to provide insight into some of the key indicators affecting the aftermarket industry and your business. 

The Industry Indicators Report is an AAIA member-only benefit accessible at Members must log in using their AAIA username and password.

Telematics Trendline

Telematics Trendline is a series of articles by Derek Kaufman, C3 Network, Inc., designed to inform AAIA members about the trends in telematics applications for both the retail automotive and commercial trucking industries. Each monthly article will highlight products and services that are defining the growth of telematics, focusing on both the technology and the business plans of companies that are working to create this new market and interview the people who are making it happen. Author Derek Kaufman, president and founder, C3 Network, Inc., a consulting company that works with clients to increase their top line sales and launch new products, was integral in the creation of the 2008 AAIA Telematics Primer – The Aftermarket’s Role in the Telematics Future. 

The Telematics Trendline is featured in the AAIA SmartBrief at the beginning of each month. Older versions of the report are archived here.


BB&T Weekly Aftermarket Intelligence Update

AAIA and BB&T Capital Markets have partnered to offer members a weekly market intelligence update. The newsletter provides award-winning equity research to investors on the entire industry channel – from supplier to the professional installer. 

Check the AAIA SmartBrief every Tuesday for the most recent issue.

NPD Aftermarket Perspectives

NPD Group is a consulting firm providing consumer research and point-of-sale tracking in the automotive sector. A monthly feature in the AAIA SmartBrief, each Aftermarket Perspectives, a communication from NPD, delivers insight into industry trends and examines business issues imperative to aftermarket manufacturers and retailers.

Check the AAIA Smartbrief for the newest issue.

Lang Aftermarket Insight

A weekly news story is published by Lang Marketing and carried in the Thursday edition of AAIA SmartBrief and presents a brief summary of insightful information about a specific segment of the aftermarket.

Follow the Lang Aftermarket Insight by checking the AAIA Smartbrief email every Thursday.

Multi-Client Research

The “Multi-Client Research Program” (MCRP) is designed to help AAIA member companies share the cost of new research initiatives.   The program is administered by the full-time AAIA Market Intelligence staff with support from the AAIA Market Intelligence Committee. MCRP provides an efficient process that will save time and money while offering a competitive advantage to participating companies in an increasingly competitive market place.

For more information on this program contact Ron Rossi, Director, Market Intelligence, at or 240-333-1038


On Demand Research

AAIA's market intelligence department also assists member companies with information about industry trends and provides timely responses to specific questions about the motor vehicle aftermarket. Contact AAIA’s market intelligence at 301-654-6664.

Press Releases

When new studies are published, AAIA's Communications Department issues a press release with sample statistics and analysis from the study. Please visit the press release page to see all recent AAIA news.