Welcome to AIA

The Auto International Association (AIA) is a segment of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA). AIA has supported fair trade since its 1981 founding. In 2002, AIA became a segment of AAIA -- the established government affairs leader for protecting aftermarket interests.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a bridge between the international automotive community by promoting free and fair trade in automotive products between the international automotive community and the North American aftermarket and to promote the unique qualities associated with the distribution of parts for import nameplate vehicles. For companies bringing automotive parts and accessories into North America, AIA can provide business intelligence, access to opportunities, and assistance in navigating the business environment.

Why AIA?
Joining AAIA provides a huge benefit as you are a member of the world's LARGEST automotive aftermarket trade association, as well as the vast resources and member benefits an association this size can provide in protecting and promoting the welfare of the industry in general. Joining the AIA segment provides the additional benefits of capitalizing on your international and/or import focused initiatives providing you with the networking opportunities and the latest, most relevant information concerning this segment of the industry.

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AIA Certification Information

Certification Quotes

Thomas  Dayton, the Babcox, “Counterman of the year,” in 2009 said:
“By encouraging research and discovery, this test serves to both measure skill and enhance it.  This test series is a valuable training tool for anyone who’s serious about selling parts for imports.  And these days, who can afford not to be.”

Chae Kim, store manager of Olympus Imported Parts said,
“the tests were much more comprehensive than I had expected, but the knowledge gained in the process, I started using immediately!”