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Automotive Electric Association (AEA)


To support the automotive electric distributors in their efforts to supply and service the fleet, industrial and heavy duty distribution channels in the sales and service of starting, charging, lighting, instrumentation, and related components.

Member Services
Segment Membership List
Why Should I Join AAIA's Automotive Electric Segment?
Segment Committee and Liaison

Why Should I Join AAIA's AEA Segment?

AAIA offers your aftermarket company a number of opportunities which assist you in improving your profits and bottom line. Through its many services and benefits, AAIA:

  • Keeps you updated on industry trends, events, issues, news, and profit opportunities
  • Enhances your employees' knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Provides you access to the leaders of the industry and to your suppliers
  • Gives you information and market research studies to help you improve profits and develop new markets and customers
  • Protects your business from regulatory and legislative actions by state and federal agencies
  • Furnishes you with tools to meet regulatory compliance standards
  • Offers you a variety of services and products at competitive group rates to reduce your business expenses  

AAIA Resource Sampler

 Sample the following business resources AAIA membership brings you:

For additional membership information, contact AAIA directly or visit the About AAIA portion of the site.

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AEA Segment Committee and Liaison

The segment committee meets twice a year to help plan the activities and events of the segment. Opportunities exist to become involved in the leadership of the association through serving as volunteers on segment committees. Segment leadership is reviewed every two years, and new candidates are nominated. To become involved with the segment committee, send a letter of interest and bio to the segment liaison, Freda Jones.

Committee Chair
Steve Kelshaw, Mondial Automotive
Martinsville, IN

Past Chair
Diane Kenny, DENSO Sales California, Inc.
Long Beach, Calif.

Committee Members
Patrick Brilly, Remy, Inc.
Pendleton, Ind.

Paul Cacciatore, C.E. Niehoff & Co., Inc.
Evanston, Ill.

Bruce Cantrell, Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America
Yorktown, IN

Charles R. Hess, H.G. Makelim Co.
South San Francisco, Calif.

Thomas A. Novak, Robert Bosch, LLC
Broadview, Ill.

Bo Powell, Southeast Power Systems, Inc.
Orlando, Fla.

Steve Redmon, Diesel Equipment Company
Greensboro, NC

Committee Liaison 
Freda Jones, AAIA