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Vehicle Database (VCdb)

The VCdb (Vehicle Configuration Database) is a fully normalized, relational database of vehicle configurations for passenger cars and light trucks sold in the US and Canada since 1946. Base vehicle information (Year, Make, Model and Submodel) for Vintage vehicles (1896 – 1950) was added to the VCdb in September 2006. The VCdb represents nearly 50 unique attributes, organized into vehicle systems or attribute groups that are validated against base vehicle and sub-model combinations. The structure of the database allows aftermarket companies to communicate applications with as much or as little detail necessary. The result is more precise, accurate data. The VCdb is an essential element of any data solution that aims to manage and communicate complex vehicle information in a industry standardized format.

The VCdb is available only to those who subscribe to ACES ($2,500/year AAIA members, $3,250/year non-members). For more information about subscribing to the standard, click here.

Download a Sample ACES Packet, which includes a copy of the VCdb database and the related technical documentation.

Latest News on the VCdb

Vehicle Configuration Table Retirement (ER Diagram)

The ACES Subcommittee has unanimously recommended the retirement of the VehicleConfig table from the VCdb effective with the October 2013 release. VehicleConfig was added to the VCdb as a way of validating the reference to multiple VehicleTo attributes in application files. VehicleConfig is not a valid ID for data exchange and there is no ACES use case for expressing “everything” about any vehicle. Out of necessity, the scope was always limited to 1985 and newer, USA, Light Duty vehicles only. As a practical matter, the research necessary to validate the universe of valid configurations represented by the 40-plus attributes was staggering – especially so for Light Trucks. The reality is that the VehicleConfig table has gaps and the effort required to fill them is not justified.

The committee reasoned that if the VehicleConfiguration table cannot be 100% complete and useful as a data validation tool, why spend the time and resources needed to have it at all.

In keeping with the change management policy adopted by the Standards Committee, 6-month notification is given that the VehicleConfig table will be deprecated from the design of the VCdb in October 2013. This table is not linked to any other elements of the design and there will be no data changes to any other tables in the database. This decision has no impact on the ACES Data Delivery Specification or the requirements of a well-formed ACES data file.

By eliminating the requirement to research all attribute relationships to one another, AAIA resources can devote more time and attention to extending Medium & Heavy Duty Trucks, repopulating the Othermotive segment and perfecting all of the remaining tables in the database. As always, questions or comments about the retirement of the VehicleConfig table may be directed to