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Sales Information Standard (SIS)

Sales Information Standard (SiS)

The Electronic Sales Information Standard, published by AAIA, addresses the challenge of efficiently moving Sales and Commissions data from aftermarket suppliers to the Sales Agencies they employ to service and manage their customers. This standard offers the industry a single electronic record format that will accommodate a wide variety of data for all product types and save money on data processing costs for both the Sales Agencies and the Suppliers.

Download the Electronic Sales Information Standard
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SIS "Lite" is a simplified format for transaction information required from the factory to the sales agency to update their customer sales analysis systems.  With only twelve data fields and a simple, delimited format, SIS "Lite" eliminates wasteful and time-consuming data entry by sales agency staff.

SIS "Lite" is the Green alternative to shipping invoice copies or sales transaction reports.  SIS "Lite" allows factories to update their field sales force faster with current information yielding more effective representation and increased sales.

Download the SIS "Lite" version of the standard.

Business Case - Hundreds of manufacturers’ sales representatives are employed by suppliers in the vehicle aftermarket as a cost effective way of servicing wholesale and retail distribution customers. Sales Agencies depend on transaction information between the supplier and their customer to aid in managing the account and spotting changes in buying patterns. It is common practice for the suppliers to deliver transaction information to the sales agencies as hard copy of the invoices and credits or, at best, in a proprietary electronic summary.

The AAIA Manufacturers' Rep Council enlisted the services of the Technology Standards Committee (TSC) to come up with a solution to this information glut and reduce the cost of sharing transaction data in the aftermarket. The resulting Electronic Sales Information Standard is a structured electronic record format for the exchange of invoicing and commission information between an aftermarket supplier and their business partners.

Agency Management Software systems that can import data in the industry standard format will yield more timely data for the representatives and a lower cost of doing business. Additionally, Agencies will be able to receive data from the multiple suppliers they represent in a consistent electronic format, thereby eliminating the time and cost associated with manually processing this information. Suppliers who support their Sales Reps with data output in the standard format will reduce the Information Services (IS) costs of their accounting and marketing departments while enabling the agencies to perform as better representatives of the supplier in the marketplace.