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Product Specific Attributes (PAdb)

What is the Product Attribute Database?

The Product Attribute database (PADB) is an automotive aftermarket industry standard reference database to be used in conjunction with the Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES). The PADB standardizes the way product-specific performance and physical attributes are exchanged between trading partners. The PADB defines the way trading partners exchange information about the form, fit and function of thousands of automotive products – making that information consistent and predictable across the industry.

Rich, complete and accurate product attribute information is an essential component of marketing any product successfully. All customers – professional shop and retail consumers – rely on robust product attributes to make informed decisions and select the most appropriate product for their needs. Performance and physical attributes address the objective differences between two similar products. This information enables customers to make informed and knowledgeable decisions, fully aware of the differences between similar products.

The PADB offers the aftermarket industry the following advantages:

  • Consistent product information is more accurate and useful to customers in decision-making

  • Standardized product attributes reduce the burden of data management on the supply chain and lower costs

  • A robust set of product attribute definitions will contribute to more effective marketing of automotive products, leading to increased sales, reduced returns and more satisfied customers

Check out the Summary of Attributes by Part Terminology to see what's been completed so far.

Download a copy of the DEMO Products Attribute database along with the Industry Guide Documentation.

Subscription Information

Step 1: Review and electronically sign the PAdb License Agreement
Step 2: Complete the PAdb Application and submit with a valid payment

Subscription Types

Internal Use License
Member: $500
Non-AAIA Member: $750

Internal Use License AND Distribution License

Call or email for pricing details (301-654-6664).